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Over 30 Widows Receive Dry Rations in Diocese of Manughat

June 26, 2017

Believers Church Diocese of Manughat distributed dry rations and essential items to the widows in an interior village on 26th June 2017, in commemoration of International Widows Day.

Over 30 Widows Receive Dry Rations in Diocese of Manughat
Widows with dry rations they received

On this day, the diocese provided 32 widows with five kilogram rice, two kilo lentils, two washing and bathing soaps, two kilo potatoes, two bottles of hair oil and one umbrella. All of them were happy and grateful to receive the grocery items.

“I am so thankful for the provision items given to me”, said Sadhanbati Reang, 79 years old. Her husband died due to tuberculosis sixteen years ago. She has no children. She earns a living through collecting bamboo shoots and herbs from forest and selling them in the market. She said, “In this rainy season I find it very difficult to go to forest in search of herbs. But today, I am happy that I have received many essential items which will sustain me for several days”.

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