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Around 2,000 Poor and Needy Receive Mosquito Nets in Diocese of Siliguri

September 17, 2016

Believers Church Diocese of Siliguri organized mosquito net distribution programs at three different places on 5th, 12th, and 17th of September 2016, respectively.

Mr. Daniel Mukhia (Panchayat Member) was invited as the guest of honor for the first distribution program held on 5th September. The event had the audience of around 500 people. A total of 400 mosquito nets and 75 blankets were distributed to the poor and needy that day. Most of the beneficiaries were farmers.

The second phase of distribution was held in a tea plantation area. The residents of this place used to work in the tea estate to earn their livelihood. Unfortunately, the estate was closed down in the year 2012, forcing them to go to other places for labor work to support their family financially. With no alternative jobs or income, it is a daily struggle for them to survive. The Diocese decided to do its bit to help the people of this area and hence distributed 1,000 mosquito nets in this place on 12th September. Mrs. Bimla Sarita Toppo (Panchayat Member) was the chief guest for the program.

Altogether 450 mosquito nets were distributed during the third distribution program. The event was conducted in another tea estate. Mr. Rajendra Sharma (Manager of Tea Garden) graced the occasion as chief guest and distributed the mosquito nets.

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