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Believers Eastern Church, a Christian denomination is Biblical and evangelical in faith, apostolic in origin, universal in nature, ecumenical in outlook, and has a constitutional episcopacy for governance. The Church at present has 22 Bishops giving spiritual and administrative leadership in the service of God and humanity.

Diocese of Bengaluru Reaches Out to 149 Widows

June 23, 2016

On June 23, 2016, Believers Church Diocese of Bengaluru held a special program for widows to mark International Widows Day. 48 widows were invited to take part in this event.

Most of these widows live in poverty. They are the sole carers for their children and shoulder the double burden of supporting themselves as well as their children.

With the hope to honour and appreciate them for demonstrating courage in face of adversities, the diocese distributed sarees and mosquito nets to these 48 widows.

After the gift distribution, the widows themselves were given an opportunity to speak. In their emotional testimonies, some widows commented on how they were touched by the love and concern shown to them by the church.

The diocese conducted similar programs in different parts of Karnataka and gifted widows with various items such as sarees, mosquito nets, snack packets and fruits.

The church was able to extend help to 149 widows through the different programs conducted on International Widows Day.

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