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Relief Team Delivers Supplies to Uttarakhand Flood Victims

June 27, 2013

After devastating floods in Uttarakhand on 16th and 17th June 2013, Believers Church Uttarakhand rushed to survey the affected area as soon as a route was open.

“A huge wall of water came at a huge intensity towards our town,” recounted a survivor. “Most people survived, but everything else was gone.”

Believers Church Uttarakhand
“Most people survived, but everything else was gone.”

The team decided to concentrate relief efforts on the local people who had lost their homes. Though several villages were completely cut off from communication, the Believers Church team climbed steep hills to invite people to come down and collect rations and relief materials the next week.

Returning to the Believers Church Uttarakhand headquarters, they gathered two truckloads of relief materials. The team headed back to the flood-affected area despite the threat of heavy rains. Narrow roads and landslides posed difficulties, but the team managed to reach their destination the next day.

On 27th June, people from more than 10 villages and colonies gathered to receive relief supplies. Each packet of items included rice (25 kg), dal (5 kg), atta (10 kg), sugar (5 kg), sujee (2 kg), salt (1 kg), potatoes (5 kg), onions (2 kg), soybeans (1 kg), masala (500 gm), oil (2 L), candles (48) , a matchbox, first aid kit, tarpaulin (20’ by 20’), raincoat, blanket and set of vessels. The distribution benefited around 200 families.

“We have enough things to last us for a month,” said one villager. “We don’t have to worry now until further help comes later.”

Local MLA Shaila Rani Rawat came to the distribution and thanked the church for its help. The local village head also commended the church’s work, saying, “No other group had done for the area as much as Believers Church. We have been blessed that you have come.”

This is just one example of how Believers Church responds to natural disasters with practical help and supplies.

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It is sad to see the devastation, but glad that a Church is coming forward to do some relief work….Uttarkhand people need more Churches like Believers Church to come and do relief work…

Great initiatives taken, our people really needs our help, we are all human beings, …brothers & sisters…! God loves us all.

Although very saddening to see lives & properties lost, this could be yet another opportunity God has given us to help the poor and suffering. There couldn’t have been any other better way to serve them apart from what Believers Church is doing. God save Uttarakhand!

Thank God, Believers Church is able to meet both spiritual and physical needs of the people in this generation. thanks to Hon. Metropolitan for his Leadership.

May the Lord bless our Believers Church continually to stretch forth helping hand to the needy.

Believers Church reveals God’s love.

Though lives were affected, hope shattered, darkness felt both within and without, Believers Church like a beacon of light gave reason to hope and look forward to life.
Pray the LORD help all the affected people in Uttarakhand.

Lives in Uttarakhand really it is very much affected, but timely helping hand need to shoulder and uplift them. Thank God for Believers Church timely help is providing . We need to pray God may bring normal life in the state and for His Mercy.

Our action speaks more than word. And it is good to see the effort of Believers church. God may bless this ministry

The highest reward that God gives us for good work is the ability to do better.I thanks for all the initiatives being taken by the Believers church to help all the affected people in Uttarakhand. May the dear God bless the Church and Hon. Metropolitan of Believers Church. God Bless Uttarakhand!

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