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Bengaluru Diocese Recognizes World Literacy Day

September 12, 2011

On 8th September 2011 Believers Church Bengaluru organized a World Literacy Day program at the Minor Seminary in Mangalore. Office staff, minor Seminary students, staff families and some neighbors participated in this event which highlighted the importance of literacy to individuals and communities.

State Women’s Fellowship leader, Sister Vijay Kumari led the event. The special guest was Mrs. Nandu Umapriya Gadiyar (Ideal School Principal in Kai Kamba). The Vicar General of Bengaluru, Rev. Fr. Jesu was also present.

Literacy Rally
Special Guest Mrs. Nandu Umapriya Gadiyar Spoke During the Literacy Day Rally at Believers Church Minor Seminary in Mangalore

Mrs. Nandu Umapriya gave a brief speech on the importance of observing World Literacy Day. She said, “Today’s newspapers have little emphasis on World Literacy Day.” She appreciated the Believers Church ministry saying, “Most institutions have the responsibility to observe this day, but they have no concern about it. But Believers Church has taken initiative to bring awareness to society. That really challenges me and I am extremely happy to be here on this occasion.”

Rev. Fr. Jesu spoke about the Believers Church Women’s Fellowship teams that are taking an active part in providing education to the illiterate in all districts of Karnataka. He also mentioned that our literacy book, which is available in Kannada, is the main tool of Believers Church local teachers to empower participants and help them to become literate. He encouraged the audience with the responsibility of bringing awareness to society and helping people understand the importance of literacy.

All the staff, families and students joined in a literacy rally, holding posters and reciting slogans such as “Above all wealth, the wealth of education is greater,” and “Eradicate illiteracy. Build the nation.”

Believers Church’s literacy book is currently in 11 major Asian languages.

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