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Believers Eastern Church, a Christian denomination is Biblical and evangelical in faith, apostolic in origin, universal in nature, ecumenical in outlook, and has a constitutional episcopacy for governance. The Church at present has 22 Bishops giving spiritual and administrative leadership in the service of God and humanity.

Sanitation Projects

Life Without a Toilet

Young Children Die

Around 2,000 young children die every day from diarrhea and other diseases that could be prevented through proper water and sanitation.

Girls Denied Education

Girls in poor nations often have to stop their education at adolescence, not because they lack intelligence or a desire to study, but because their schools lack basic sanitary facilities.

Women Exposed

526 million women risk exposure and shame every day because they have no option but to defecate in the open. Many of them are assaulted every year as a result.

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Our Solutions

Quality and Cost-Effective Toilets

The toilets we build for the poor are built to last, both above and below ground. Whenever possible, the underground pit is divided into three sections. When one section fills up, waste is diverted to the second and then the third. By that time, the contents in the first section decompose and the cycle continues. We often cut the cost of construction by 25% by involving local contractors and community members.

Hygiene Training and Instructions

Everyone who receives a toilet from Believers Church learns the danger of bacteria and the importance of hygiene. We provide very practical instruction for keeping the new toilet sanitary and the environment safe.

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