The Church has a major book-publishing division which prints and distributes good books in all the major languages of the subcontinent. So far, we have published more than 300 titles of books that address daily human issues such as family breakdowns, suicide, alcoholism, divorce, and diverse behavioral challenges of people. This material provides solutions to such evils and habits. Many of these publications are filled with local stories, idioms, and phrases that touch everyone’s lives. Tens of thousands have attained serenity and lasting solutions in life through these books.

Audio Visual

Currently, the audio visual unit exhibits videos on health issues, blood donation, human rights, alcoholism, moral and ethical values to create general awareness among the public. More than 300 mobile units with volunteers are engaged in various social development programs on the subcontinent.


“Atmik Yathra,” a daily radio broadcast, began a quarter of a century ago by Dr. K.P. Yohannan. The vision for this broadcast is to bring about positive change for the distressed and the hurting. Over the years “Atmik Yathra” has become a household name. As of today, this broadcast is heard in 110 languages of Asia by multiplied millions of listeners. The themes include drug abuse, family breakdown, suicide, divorce, relationship and identity crisis, loss of hope in life, the evils of gossip, peace, feticide, social liberation, mental health, spiritual life and the like. An entire generation of people had keenly lent ears to these messages and has found solace, hope and the guidance to make changes in their lives and society.

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Music Department

Church has a major emphasis and commitment to produce good and awesome music. As of today, the music department of church released 215 albums in major languages of the subcontinent.