Investigation Report from Home Ministry of India Government: Home Ministry Exonerates Believers Church

Believers Church has been working in service to God and Humanity by taking care of the least, poor, widows, Dalits, marginalized and suffering in practical ways for over 25 years. Our numerous community development, childcare, healthcare and compassion programs give hope, healing and a future to millions of families every year.

Over the past few years, we noticed an increase in attacks which aimed to deliberately spread misinformation. These attacks spread baseless rumors and allegations in an effort to undermine the credibility of the Church, its members, and Metropolitan.

The question is why is there such an attack on us? It is good to know we are not the only Christian Mission that has come under such an attack. In our case, there are two specific reasons why some people have done this.

The number one reason is the hatred some have towards Christians and Christian work. These anti-Christian extremists have launched both physical and cyber-attacks to discredit and hurt the work of God, especially for bringing education and help to the downtrodden such as the Dalits and OBC Community.

The attack on Christians in Orissa in 2008 and since then, destroying thousands of Christian homes and Church buildings and raping nuns and Christian workers, is an example of this well planned opposition to God’s work.

Then, a few individuals approached us demanding money, saying they will not attack us if we pay them a certain amount. This was an attempt to blackmail us and we simply wouldn’t do it. These are the same people that went to the High Court, filing private petitions with false allegations against Dr. K.P. Yohannan, our Metropolitan, and Gospel for Asia and Believers Church.

Investigation Findings

Based on these complaints, the premiere agencies under the Home Ministry of the Government of India conducted a thorough investigation into all activities, finances, and assets of Believers Church, Gospel for Asia, and Dr. KP Yohannan, Metropolitan. Based on the findings of their investigation, they filed an affidavit before the High Court of Kerala.

Here are the key findings of the Government of India investigation.

  • As regard transfer of funds amounting to Rs. 1044 Crores, it is mentioned that the regular returns submitted by Gospel for Asia and Believers Church have been examined and no irregularities have been found.
  • From the records and returns filed by the Gospel for Asia and Believers Church of India, no irregularities have been found and there is no evidence available regarding malpractice or misuse…and all the allegations are without basis.
  • As per the records and returns filed by them [Gospel for Asia and Believers Church] and on verification. Also, there was no diversion of funds could be established.
  • As per the returns and other records, the funds are utilized in the most appropriate manner and there is absolutely no chance of diversion of funds to any illegal purpose…and those allegations are without any basis or data.

Although we never discussed this publicly until now, we have wondered if some of our friends and the general public might have become confused by this negative media. We are grateful to the Lord that what was meant for evil, God used for good. After studying us, the Central Government of India has determined that we were one of the most upright groups in the country, truly improving the nation.

But in all these things, by the grace of God, our name is kept clean and upright in every way. We are not surprised or shocked by these oppositions, for Jesus promised this would happen (Matthew 10).

Complete Affidavit

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