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About Believers Eastern Church

Believers Eastern Church, a Christian denomination is Biblical and evangelical in faith, apostolic in origin, universal in nature, ecumenical in outlook, and has a constitutional episcopacy for governance. The Church at present has 22 Bishops giving spiritual and administrative leadership in the service of God and humanity.

Humanitarian Assistance

Relief in Crisis

Believers Church launched the Humanitarian Assistance project to assist people in crisis when some natural disaster occurs.

Distributing Relief Supplies

The church distributes food supplies, medicines, water, clothes and blankets, mosquito nets, plastic sheets for making tents, hygiene supplies and solar lights according to their needs. And thus makes their survival easier.

Providing Medical Care

The chances of infectious diseases are high in the affected areas. In such cases, Believers Church provides free medicines and medical care to reduce the risk of them spreading.

Reconstructing Houses

Recently in Odisha, the church decided to construct hundreds of new houses for the victims when a cyclone wiped out many houses completely.

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