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Believers Eastern Church, a Christian denomination is Biblical and evangelical in faith, apostolic in origin, universal in nature, ecumenical in outlook, and has a constitutional episcopacy for governance. The Church at present has 22 Bishops giving spiritual and administrative leadership in the service of God and humanity.

Health Awareness

Saving lives through
health awareness

Believers Church educates thousands of people about topics like hand washing, substance abuse and AIDS prevention.

Deadly Ignorance

Basic health practices that many take for granted—such as washing hands after going to the bathroom—are unknown to millions of people in developing nations. Many don’t understand the need to bathe regularly, brush their teeth or boil contaminated drinking water. They don’t realize the harm of early marriage and childbearing. No one has ever told them to take medicine when sick, drink fluids while having diarrhea or vaccinate their children.

Because of this, a simple fever or infection can quickly turn deadly. Many children die from preventable sicknesses. Girls marry and start having children in their teens, many losing their own lives or their babies during pregnancy.

Superstition and myths only add to the problem. For example, newborns not only lack a sterile environment during birth—villagers in many places apply cow dung after cutting their umbilical cords, unknowingly inviting infection.

This widespread lack of health and hygiene awareness causes frequent illness and premature death for millions.

Educating Communities on Disease Prevention

Improving Health by Raising Awareness

Since improving health in undeveloped communities starts with education, Believers Church is committed to raising health and hygiene awareness through rallies, programs, community classes and more. Our vision is to empower people to make informed decisions in each area of life and become healthy, productive members of their nation.

Each year we educate thousands of people about topics like hand washing, substance abuse and AIDS prevention. Everyone gets involved in spreading the message—church members, Women’s Fellowship teams, seminary students, Bridge of Hope centers and Sunday school children. They hold rallies, organize awareness events and distribute educational booklets.

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  • Teach people to prevent disease through hygiene, vitamins, vaccines, etc.
  • Equip people to respond properly to illness or injury.
  • Prevent early marriage and childbearing
  • Educate women about pregnancy and parenting

Our Impact

We have conducted health awareness programs in over 20,000 villages

“Now I have the right information”, Says Ranjeeta

Prior to attending a Believers Church healthcare training seminar, Rajneeta lost her first baby due to ignorance about how to properly care for her health.

“If such healthcare programs would have happened before my first pregnancy,” she said, “I would have saved my child. Now I have the right information. As I am going to conduct the healthcare program in my assigned places, I will share my experience and teach women to take care of their own health and family too.”

Additionally we offer basic healthcare classes in rural communities that cover general health, hygiene, first aid, family planning, pregnancy and childcare. A blend of textbook teaching, practical demonstration and group participation helps community members to grasp concepts quickly.

Thousands of lives are changing through our health awareness initiatives.

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Future Initiatives

Our goal is to bring health awareness to atleast two million people in six nations over the next 2 years.

In Their Own Words

“We are happy that the church is organizing such a program where we could gain more knowledge about AIDS. It is helpful for us because often times we are so busy with our own work and life, that we do not have time to read about it for ourselves.”
– World AIDS Day program participants in Imphal Diocese
“I did not know much about the importance of hand washing or childcare. But after learning, I could realize that people in our homes and villages remain sick and unclean because they are not aware of these things.”
– Vijay
“Most of the time I eat food without proper hand washing, but from today I will wash my hands properly before and after food so that I may not get diseases.”
– Jyotiprasad
“Mostly in our villages women never visit doctors during pregnancy and do not know how to take vitamins and care for themselves. As a result, they give birth to weak children and they also get sick and even die. So, as we have learned in the training, we have to educate them and teach them the importance of visiting the doctors and taking care of themselves during their pregnancy.”
– Urmila
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