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Diocese of Agartala Celebrates Children’s Day with Children of Brick Workers

November 15, 2017

This year, Believers Church Diocese of Agartala celebrated Children’s Day with the children of brick workers in a remote area in Tripura.

There are around 10 brick factories in this area and most of the laborers are from outside the state of Tripura. They live from hand to mouth and the daily wages they receive is barely enough to meet their daily basic needs. Due to poverty, they don’t send their children to school. So when they go to factory to work, they often have to leave their children unattended and fend for themselves. In most cases, these children end up joining their parents in working in factories to bear the financial burden of their families.

Around 300 laborers were gathered for the program on this day. As it was children’s day, sisters of compassion team bathed the little children there and clothed them with hand-me-down clothes donated by the church which made children feel special and important. They also conducted many fun-filled activities for children and presented songs and dances and entertained them. At the end of the program, they distributed mosquito net and food (puri and curry) to 180 children.

The children were happy to get the delicious food as most of them often stay without food when their parents are at work. Their parents were very grateful for the program organized by the church for their children and making them feel special. They also thanked the church for providing their children with mosquito net, clothes and tasty food.

Simon Kumar (32 years old) said, “We had never heard about Children’s Day until today. I am happy for this program through which I could learn about how to take care of the children. No one has come here and asked us about our condition, but you all came and showed your concern toward us. I feel really blessed by your act of kindness.”

Suni Kumari, an eight year old girl, said, “Today’s program made us all children feel very happy. I also want to study but my parents cannot send me to school. But if you come and teach us like this we can learn something.”

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