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Diocese of Kathmandu Distributes Relief Materials to 45 Families in a Flood-Hit Village

August 17, 2017

Heavy rains followed by floods and landslides have killed at least 143 people and have damaged several thousand houses in Nepal.

Responding to the flood crisis, on 17th August 2017, Believers Church Diocese of Kathmandu held a relief supply distribution program in a flood-affected village in the district of Chitwan.

Diocese of Kathmandu Distributes Relief Materials to 45 Families in a Flood-Hit Village
Humanitarian assistance team carrying relief materials to flood-affected village

As this village is located near to the Rapti River, when heavy rains hit this village on 14th August 2017, the whole area came under flood waters. Since the disaster stuck the village around midnight, the villagers could not move their belongings to safe place and they lost everything in the flood.

During the relief supply distribution, each family was given a package consisting 5 kg beaten rice, one packet each of noodles, Bhujia, and mixture. Clothes also were distributed to the most needy people of this village. The families received the relief materials with gratitude and they also thanked the church for extending help to them at this critical hour.

Through this program, the church was able to help 45 families.

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