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Diocese of Bongaigaon Distributes Dry Rations to 200 Flood-hit Families

August 18, 2017

Incessant heavy rains and multiple waves of flooding in Assam have led to a huge loss of life, submerging 25 districts and affecting over 33 lakh people and leaving several hundred homeless.

As the flood waters have inundated roads and railway tracks, rail and road connectivity remain cut off, severely affecting the transportation of goods and essential commodities, and leading to a price hike across the region.

To help people survive the floods, Believers Church humanitarian assistance teams have pitched in to provide relief aid to those in need. On 18th August 2017, Diocese of Bongaigaon distributed dry rations and essential non-food items to 200 flood-hit families in Chirang District.

The ration items comprised of 40 quintal rice, 4 quintal dal, 10 quintal potato, 2 quintal salt, two hundred liters of cooking oil, and 200 packets of candles, matchboxes and bread for children.

Inaugurating the distribution program, Diganta Baishya (Additional Deputy Commissioner) said, “People coming here for some rice, dal and potatoes itself tells us the extent of difficulty these families are facing due to the floods”. “Believers Church Bongaigaon Diocese reaching out to flood affected families by providing a week’s ration supplies at this time is quite commendable,” he said.

“The flood waters have not yet receded and the floods have destroyed our paddy and jute cultivation. We are going through a hard time”, said Rupnath Madhua, a farmer. He added saying, “We are grateful to the church for providing good and quality items to our families”.

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