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Thousands Benefit From Distribution Programs in Diocese of Kolkata on Founder’s Day

March 8, 2017

On 8th March 2017, Believers Church Diocese of Kolkata organized a wide array of programs and events to celebrate the occasion of Founder’s Day and International Women’s Day. Food distribution, tube well inauguration, rallies, and several other programs were held to mark the occasion.

Under the leadership of Bishop Dr. Juria Bardhan, various teams from the diocese went and distributed food packets to the poor and hungry at six different locations in West Bengal. They also visited two orphanages where they performed small programs and served a delicious meal to all the orphanage children and staff. Altogether 983 people including children received free meal through the distributions.

On this day, the diocese inaugurated seven tube wells in two districts of West Bengal, helping scores of people have access to clean and safe water.

Income-generating tools and essential items were provided to poor families on an island. The church distributed 15 fishing nets, five sewing machines, four bicycles, 100 blankets, 270 mosquito nets, seven pairs of slippers and 75 sarees to the widows and needy in this area.

Women’s fellowship teams took out rallies at different places to promote women’s empowerment. Thousands of women participated in the rallies. After the awareness rallies, a gift distribution program was held in one of the places where 100 mosquito nets, 100 slates, and pencils were distributed to illiterate women.

On the same day, the diocese distributed sewing machines to 936 unemployed women who underwent a six-month vocational training course at Believers Church tailoring units. The church also gifted 178 tables and 422 chairs to the underprivileged children who excelled in national level drawing (Colors of Hope) competition. 4,000 children in Bridge of Hope were gifted with school bags, carpets and big shoppers.

The beneficiaries were extremely happy to receive the gifts and thanked Believers Church for extending help to them.

David Abraham, an owner of an orphanage, thanked the Church for providing a meal to all the 150 children staying in his orphanage. He said, “Thank you for helping and joining hands with us to feed the needy children”.

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