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Diocese of Mumbai Opens New Literacy Units On Occasion of International Literacy Day

September 8, 2016

Believers Church Diocese of Mumbai celebrated International Literacy Day by organizing literacy awareness programs in various places on 8th September 2016. On this special occasion, the diocese opened literacy units in different districts to empower illiterate women through education.

One of the literacy units was launched in a hilly area, located near to a slum. Over 40 women participated in the launch event. Literacy tools such as literacy textbook in Marathi language, slate and pencils were distributed to the participants at the end of the program.

Around 20 women took part in the inaugural function of the literacy unit held in another place and they took the decision to attend literacy classes regularly, without fail.

“It was a great struggle for me to go to market, bank and other places because I was illiterate. I was unable to count money and did not know how to write my name. But, today, I am grateful to Believers Church for opening this literacy unit and giving me the privilege to learn how to read and write” said Sujata Rajwat who is newly enrolled in a literacy unit.

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International Literacy Day

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