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Cleanliness Drive Marks Independence Day in Diocese of Bengaluru

August 15, 2016

On 15th August 2016, Believers Church Diocese of Bengaluru celebrated the 70th Independence Day.

The program commenced with flag hoisting ceremony. Along with clergymen of the church, Sunday School children, Sisters of Compassion teams and volunteers of the church also joined in this celebration which took place in the early morning hours of Independence Day.

After the brief ceremony was over, they carried out clean-up drives in several areas in the locality. While the Sisters of Compassion teams and clergy went and cleaned nearby streets, slums and a leprosy colony, the Sunday School children and church volunteers cleaned the local railway station and its premises. They cleaned the drainage and platform in the station, collected the garbage and trimmed all the grass on the surrounding footpaths as well.

The station manager Mr. Ashish Agarwal was so impressed on seeing the little children cleaning his station that he and his colleagues also got into action along with them. At the end of the day, the station was a sight to behold. Mr. Ashish and his staff expressed their gratitude to the children as well as to the leadership of Believers Church for their service.

Various members of the public also expressed their appreciation to the church for taking the initiative to make the country clean and green.

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Independence Day

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