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Homeless Widows Receive Gifts on International Widows Day in Diocese of Pokhara

June 23, 2016

As part of Believers Church’s mission to honor and care for widows on International Women’s Day on June 23, Believers Church Diocese of Pokhara distributed blankets to 21 widows in two places.

This was a significant event because like in other countries, widows in Nepal are often neglected and looked down upon. Last year’s earthquake has only made their condition worse. Out of the 21 widows who came for the programs, 12 of them had lost their homes completely in the tremors that ravaged Nepal last year.

During the program, the Vicar General of Diocese of Pokhara explained that when they heard of the plight of these widows, the Church wanted to take the initiative to show their love for the widows through paying them respect and presenting gifts. All the widows who took part in this program were touched at this gesture showed to them.

As the members of the church talked to them, it was clear that these widows had gone through so much hardship. Many of them have been doing menial jobs just to feed their children. One of the widow’s sons suffered a head injury in the earthquake and is recovering at present. Three of the widows, Kumari Gurung, Chandni Gurung and Tulmaya Gurung had been widowed for more than 20 years. Mrs. Chandni admitted that her life has been so hard, raising her children without a father. But she and Mrs. Tulmaya expressed their gratitude to the Believers Church, explaining that it is the love and unexpected kindness shown in similar ways by many which has helped them survive.

Though they are still in distress and the wounds in their hearts have not yet healed completely following the earthquake, they are so happy to have received the gifts from the church members.

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