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Diocese of Kolkata Reaches Out to 128 Helpless Widows on International Widows Day

June 23, 2016

Believers Church Diocese of Kolkata celebrated International Widows Day on 23rd June 2016 to honor and lend a helping hand to widows in need. The diocese observed this momentous day by organizing gift distribution programs in two districts to help the widows.

Two teams from the diocese went and conducted the programs. The teams distributed gifts to 103 destitute widows in one place and 25 widows in another village. Each widow was given a package containing 10 kg rice, 2 kg pulses, 1 umbrella, 1 saree, 2 soaps, 2 body oil, snacks and fruits. A total of 128 widows received the gift package on this special day.

Several of these widows have been disowned by their own family who did not want to shoulder the burden of looking after them. With no one to support them, they struggle daily to make both ends meet. Recognizing the need to help them, the church undertook the initiative to conduct the gift distribution.

The gifts indeed brought smile on the faces of these helpless widows. They expressed their thankfulness to Believers Church for reaching out to them and rendering them help.

Renuka Sahoo, aged 70, was one of the recipients of the gift distribution. She lives alone and has no one to take care of her. She had never expected that she would receive many things from the church. She was overwhelmed with happiness and unable to express her joy in words. “I am touched by your love and concern. All the items you have given me are very good and with these items I will be able to survive for many days,” said Renuka.

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