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Diocese of Kolkata Opens Two Tailoring Units to Empower Poor Women

June 24, 2016

Believers Church Diocese of Kolkata inaugurated tailoring units in two places in the month of June 2016 with an aim to help poor women become economically independent.

Mr. Nirmal Patra (Panchayat Head), Mr. Shaktipada Pakhira (Village President) and Mr. Subhranshu Shekhar Mondal (Panchayat Vice President) were present at the inaugural function of one of the tailoring units where currently 30 women are receiving vocational training in tailoring.

In the other tailoring unit 16 women are regularly attending tailoring classes and learning how to sew.

Diocese of Kolkata opens two tailoring units to Empower Poor Women
The church opened this center with an aim to help poor women become economically independent

Through the vocational training they receive in these sewing training centers, soon they will be able to stand on their feet and provide for their families.

“I am so much grateful to the church for its welfare activities through which I am learning stitching now and soon will start earning an income” remarked, 28-year-old Mayena Dinda. It was her long cherished desire to learn a trade and support her family financially and now that dream is becoming a reality.

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