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252 People Receive Free Medical Care on World Health Day in Diocese of Agartala

April 7, 2016

On World Health Day, 7th April 2016, Believers Church Diocese of Agartala conducted a medical camp in a village in Tripura, giving free medical treatment to 252 people.

This village is situated in a remote area that has no access to healthcare services. If anyone in the village ever falls sick, they have to be taken to other villages to get basic healthcare. Since a majority of the villagers are farmers whose earnings are very limited, they cannot afford the expenses incurred while going to a modern hospital. Hence this camp was a great blessing for them as they were able to receive health checkups and medicines freely.

252 People Receive Free Medical Care on World Health Day
This camp was really a great relief for the villagers as they were able to receive health checkups and medicines freely

Among the 252 who received treatment that day, there were some who were saved from life-threatening conditions which they had not been aware about.

In particular, there is a story about a four year old girl. She lives with her mentally-challenged father and grandmother. Her mother had abandoned her when she was very small. A few weeks ago, she ate her father’s medicines by mistake and became unconscious. She was whisked off to hospital where she was kept under observation and regained consciousness after a few days. Though she was weak and in need of proper treatment, her grandmother brought her back home as she could not afford the medicines and treatments there. But through this camp, the girl was able to receive free medical care and treatment, and thus her health improved. Her grandmother thanked the Church for enabling them to access free healthcare services.

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