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Believers Eastern Church, a Christian denomination is Biblical and evangelical in faith, apostolic in origin, universal in nature, ecumenical in outlook, and has a constitutional episcopacy for governance. The Church at present has 22 Bishops giving spiritual and administrative leadership in the service of God and humanity.

Diocese of Mumbai Helps Over 1,300 People to Have Access to Free Medical Care

March 29, 2016

Believers Church Diocese of Mumbai organized free medical camps in a tribal village, a slum and in a remote village on 29th March 2016.

There are no health care facilities available in these places. Also, the people here do not know the importance of maintaining hygiene habits and cleanliness or the need for taking preventative methods and timely treatments for a better health due to the lack of education. So, they don’t go hospital when they fall sick. Instead, they save that money for other needs.

Hence, the church organized these camps to help them to have access to free healthcare services and to make them aware of the importance of taking proper medications when they are sick. Physicians, Eye Specialists and nurses from renowned hospitals were invited to provide healthcare services.

1,310 people received free medical checkups, treatments and medicines that day. Also, 100 people were freely given with spectacles. “I used to have constant headaches,” said Shobha Utamrao, one patient. “Through this camp, I could receive free eye checkup, medicines and a spectacle. Thank you so much for your great help.”

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