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New Literacy Class Unit Gives Hope to Tribal Villagers in Diocese of Odisha

September 8, 2014

On International Literacy Day, Believers Church Diocese of Odisha inaugurated a new literacy class unit in a tribal village. Sixteen people enrolled for the classes and received literacy books, slates and chalk that day.

The people in this village are laborers, and due to their poor financial background, they never got a chance to go school. They went for work from childhood to earn for their living. The church inaugurated the new unit aiming to provide these people an opportunity to learn how to write and read.

New Literacy Class Unit Gives Hope to Tribal Villagers in Diocese of Odisha
16 people including a little kid enrolled for the classes

Women’s Fellowship members organized the program and Rev. Fr. Manoj inaugurated the unit. He then distributed Literacy Books to the enrolled students. Apart from reading and writing, they will also be given training on health and hygiene practices.

The enrolled students were excited and happy to learn and they thanked church for giving them the chance to learn, which they were not able to do because of their financial problems.

Believers Church empowers the members of developing communities by conducting adult literacy and vocational training classes.

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