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Widows Receive Food Packets and Provisions on International Widow’s Day

June 23, 2014

Diocese of Kolkata distributed provisions and food packets to widows on International Widows Day, 23rd June 2014. Around 120 widows attended the program and received provisions on that day.

Bishop Dr. Juria Bardhan distributed the provisions among the women and each packet consisted of rice, dal, oil, hygiene kit, sari and an umbrella. Also they received a meal.

Widows Receives Provisions on International Women’s Day
One hundred twenty widows got benefited on International Widows Day.

Upon receiving the packets all of them were very happy because most of them live in poor economic conditions. The widows live in a location where they constantly face threats from wild animals. Many of their husbands were either eaten by tigers when they went to the forest to collect honey or by crocodiles while fishing.

Members of Sisters of Compassion and Women’s Fellowship work among widows to uplift their lives throughout the year.

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