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Women’s Fellowship Observes Global Hand Washing Day in a Slum

October 15, 2013

A team of Women’s Fellowship members and Bridge of Hope staff and students from Believers Church Uttarakhand held a Global Hand Washing Day program on 15th October. The program was conducted in a slum and more than 30 people attended.

Sis. Rebika (Women’s Fellowship) talked to the women and emphasized on washing hands before having food. She also talked about the diseases caused by dirty hands. A video demonstrating the proper hand washing method was played.

Women’s Fellowship Observes Global Hand Washing Day in a Slum
The awareness class included a demonstration of proper hand washing.

Sis. Jamuna said that, “I am inspired deeply by this program, from now onward I will wash my hands and save myself and my family from many diseases”.

Believers Church observes Global Hand Washing Day each year throughout its dioceses by raising awareness about the need for hygiene.

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Global Hand Washing Day

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