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Global Hand Washing Day Observed in Patna Diocese

October 15, 2013

Bridge of Hope centers in Believers Church Patna Diocese observed Global Hand Washing Day on the 15th of October.

This observance increases awareness and understanding of hand washing with soap as an effective and affordable method of preventing disease around the world. This day focuses on children as they can be powerful agents for changing behavior like hand washing with soap in their communities.

Students and parents were taught the proper way to wash their hands. They were also taught when to wash: after playing, after using the toilet, after and before meals. Nearly 8,500 members in different communities were taught how to wash their hands.

Apart from this children and parents were entertained by special programs related to hand washing like skits, action songs and dances.

Believers Church by observing Global Hand Washing Day teaches those who are hearing for the first time about the importance of hand washing.

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Global Hand Washing Day

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