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Bridge of Hope Celebrates Aspiring Students in Jammu and Kashmir

November 14, 2012

Believers Church Jammu and Kashmir celebrated Children’s Day by inspiring its students in their respective Bridge Of Hope centers.

On 14th November 2012, the state’s Bridge of Hope centers held special programs for the occasion.

Believers Church Jammu and Kashmir.
Bridge of Hope Celebrating Children’s Day

In one center, the local sarpanch, O.M. Parkas, offered an encouraging speech on education. He challenged the children to study well and use the opportunities they have received. The children keenly listened to the special guests and Bridge of Hope staff.

The Bridge of Hope kids presented colorful cultural programs for their parents and others who gathered. They sang, performed skits, danced, made speeches and participated in a quiz competition. Afterward, prizes were awarded for the best three programs.

Believers Church, through its Bridge of Hope centers, is launching thousands of underprivileged children into productive, meaningful lives. The project was pleased to celebrate these aspiring students on Children’s Day.

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