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Hand Washing Awareness Raised in Lucknow Diocese

October 15, 2010

On 15th October 2010, Believers Church Lucknow Diocese celebrated Global Hand Washing Day in order to share about the importance of proper hand washing.

Rev. Fr. Reji (Vicar General) started off the social awareness program at a colony in Lucknow. Local Bridge of Hope staff and Lucknow Minor Seminary staff and students worked with him to make the event successful.

They showed the informative Hindi film Haath Dhona, and the team effectively taught around 250 people the importance of washing hands to prevent disease.

Special guest Dr. Pramod Kumar gave a practical demonstration of the proper steps of hand washing to the people who assembled.

Believers Church Lucknow Diocese
Women’s Fellowship team teaching about the need to use soap while washing hands.

A similar program was organized in Sultanpur district under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Hoob. Along with a Women’s Fellowship team, he took initiative to raise awareness about hygiene in remote villages. They were able to teach an additional 250 people about the need to use soap while washing their hands.

Believers Church is developing communities in many parts of South Asia through various social awareness programs, resulting in a positive and healthy change in lifestyles.

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Global Hand Washing Day

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